The Developing Biography of Chaista

Chaista is a diversely talented rapper, songwriter, and producer from the humbling streets of Vosloorus in South Africa. Chaista is best known for his creative and elevated rap style delivered in that husky, real-man type voice. Chaista’s inspiration comes from KRS ONE, HHP, Black Star, Mizchif, Busta Rhymes, Tumi and Volume, Vast Aire, Optical Illusion and Pharoah Monch to name a few. 

Chaista attended primary school with great local rappers like Fortune, Ramesh and The Naked DJ, inspiration was everywhere. So he went from talent shows to street battles to eventually to the YFM Rap Activity Jam in Betrams, Johannesburg hosted by Rude Boy Paul back in the 90’s. His second place victory was a sign of great things to come.

Beyond the 2000, Chaista took a small break from the mic to learn more about the industry and how it co-exists with other industries, like fashion. This new drive landed him a brand design job at Loxion Kulca, which was the first proper local street brand at the time.

It was there and then that Chaista met musicians like HHP, Mzekezeke, Hymphatic Thabs, Skwatta Kamp, Rashid Kay, Hidden Force, Zola, H20, Dj Sbu, DJ Cleo, Dj fresh and Pitch Black Afro. All these artist were brand ambassadors to Loxion Kulca at the time so Chaista got a lot of exposure and learned a lot from all of them.

It was in his mid twenties that Chaista went back to rapping when he was commissioned by Pap Krast Creations to write and record a corporate hiphop jingle.

Chaista has waited 27 years to release is debut single, titled “Thank God” as a gratitude tribute to his maker for this wonderful and musical journey ahead.

Chaista patiently awaits the launch of “City of Gold” as this will be his proper introduction to the world of main stream listeners, along side big stars like Ntosh Gazi, Chukido and Soul Barbie.

Chaista will be dropping his first EP in February 2022 and a full album in November 2022.

Released Singles

Upcoming Album

The album is almost ready. You will be rewarded for your patience. It’s long overdue.  Go and tell them to get ready to experience Chaista’s offer to music lovers all over the world. From hip-hop, to amapiano, deep house and experimental, the musical journey within the story telling is guaranteed. The following progress bar will give you an indication of where Chaista is with his album.
Get ready.

This is the The Beginning.


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